Sunday, March 1, 2009

Staging not needed in this market?

Every Realtor and the majority of home owners with a house on the market have at least a vague what home staging is about, and some how an idea has developed that it is a luxury not suited to this market or that staging can be done by simply after reading a book or watching some HGTV.
One could argue that a real estate agent is also not necessary, homeowners could also save money by taking the FSBO route. If they do enough research and invest plenty of time and money getting it advertised they might manage to eventually sell it. But is that really, truly in their best interest?
A professional Realtor stays on top of the best marketing strategies, knows the in and outs of contract negotiation and works hard to maximize your homes equity.
Gone are the hobby stagers of yesteryear, the main focus of professional home staging today is not to make it pretty and fluff your pillows, but to highlight the homes best features and transform it into a desirable product consumers want and can imagine living in. They consult with you, write reports on simple to more costly but effective updates that need to be done before coming out making the most of your space with furniture placement and additional accessories. Yes - having a home professionally staged will cost you more than a $22.95 book, it is a marketing tool and an investment, one that is designed to maximize every last dime of your hard earned equity.